Post Luxembourg


POST Luxembourg, a leader in communications and postal services in Luxembourg, has introduced a revolutionary new product to the market: PackUp. These stations enable users to receive and drop off parcels 24 hours a day, offering a practical and flexible solution for delivery needs.


The main goal of the campaign was to highlight the ease of use of the 80 PackUp stations scattered across Luxembourg.

Instead of opting for the traditional approach of explaining how to use the stations, our team at BetoCee convinced POST Luxembourg to adopt a bold strategy: a crazy video clip set to rap music.


The campaign was deployed across various channels to maximize its impact. The wacky video clip was the centerpiece of the campaign, capturing the audience’s attention with its unique, dynamic style.

The scenes highlighted the simplicity and practicality of PackUp stations, while injecting a dose of energy and humor. In addition to the video clip, tutorials were created to provide detailed instructions on how to use these PackUp stations.

On-the-ground action was organized, with a full-scale contest where Luxembourg residents had the opportunity to win fabulous prizes hidden in various stations around the country.


POST Luxembourg’s PackUp campaign was a resounding success, effectively disseminating its messages via several channels. The short clip in Luxembourgish was broadcast on RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg, reaching a large local audience, while the longer version in English was screened in cinemas, reaching an even wider audience.

This creative, multi-channel approach solidified the position of PackUp stations as an innovative and convenient delivery solution, while reinforcing POST Luxembourg’s reputation as a company at the forefront of technology and innovation in Luxembourg.

The campaign was honored with the prestigious Gold Trophy at the Media Awards 2020, a well-deserved recognition of its positive impact on the public and its importance in the Luxembourg media landscape.