Driving Dreams

Losch Luxembourg

Driving Dreams

After in-depth strategic consideration, Losch Luxembourg has undertaken a rebranding to highlight its roots and heritage, while modernizing its image to reflect its commitment to excellence and innovation in the automotive sector. In partnership with our team, they revealed their new logo, tagline and brand personality, along with unique experiences to embody their brand promise.


The main objective was to modernize the image of Losch Luxembourg while honoring its history and founding values.

The rebranding aimed to strengthen Losch ‘s position as a leading automotive distributor, while communicating its passion for independence, leadership and trust in its customers.


The new Losch Luxembourg logo highlights the year of its creation, 1948, through the acronym “48” surrounded by parentheses which evoke a racing steering wheel. The typography of the logo is inspired by the old sign affixed to Porsche cars, one of the exclusive brands distributed by Losch Luxembourg.

To embody its brand personality PILOT (Passion, Independent, Leading, Open-Minded, Trustworthy), our team created the slogan “Driving Dreams”, reflecting the commitment to making their customers’ automotive dreams come true.

Unique brand experiences were organized, including rallies with classic cars, to illustrate the brand promise of Losch Luxembourg.

Celebrating its 70th anniversary, Losch has organized a photo exhibition showcasing the iconic models it offers, providing the public with an insight into its history and evolution.

  • My first car - Denis (EN)
  • My first car - Jacques (FR)
  • My first car - Valérie (FR)
  • My first car - Roby (LU)


The rebranding of Losch Luxembourg was successful, winning the “Prix du Public” trophy at the Media Awards 2018. This recognition demonstrates the positive impact of the rebranding on the public’s perception of the brand and its ability to remain relevant and innovative in a competitive market.

In conclusion, the rebranding of Losch Luxembourg has not only modernized its image, but also strengthened its connection with its customers by highlighting its history, values and commitment to automotive excellence.