La Tradition du Savoir-Faire

Le Moulin 1704

La Tradition du Savoir-Faire

Les Moulins de Kleinbettingen, anchored in the Luxembourg countryside for centuries, have taken a new step in the market by launching two new product ranges under “Le Moulin 1704” brand. Accompanied by our team, they unveiled this new brand of pasta as well as a range of 100% Luxembourg flour.


The main objective was to position “Le Moulin 1704” brand as a symbol of tradition, quality and Luxembourg know-how.

By highlighting family history and the transmission of know-how since 1704, the brand aimed to establish an emotional connection with consumers and strengthen its image as a player committed to sustainable and responsible agriculture.


“Le Moulin 1704” brand has its origins in a rich family history, with Jean Muller, 11th generation, as guarantor of this tradition since 1704. The logo proudly incorporates this date, while the slogan “La Tradition du Savoir-Faire” evokes the very essence of the brand.

To strengthen its commitment to sustainable agriculture, “Le Moulin 1704” has worked closely with local farmers since 2007, promoting the “Produits du Terroir” sector and respecting the principles of biodiversity and soil preservation.

The launch of the brand was accompanied by a communication campaign highlighting the history of transmission and know-how of the Muller family. Initially marketed exclusively at Cactus, Le Moulin 1704 products are now available throughout major retailers, with a one-minute advertising spot broadcast on our screens to mark this event.

  • French version

  • Luxembourgish version


Le Moulin 1704 brand was warmly received by Luxembourg consumers, who appreciated its commitment to tradition, quality and sustainability. By highlighting its family history and its partnership with local farmers, Le Moulin 1704 has managed to create an emotional connection with consumers, thus strengthening its position in the market.

Le Moulin 1704 communication campaign was crowned with success, winning several prestigious awards. The one-minute commercial won the Gold trophy at the Leo Awards 2022 (formerly Media Awards), demonstrating its impact and creative quality.

In addition, the campaign was honored with the Gold trophy during The Hands of Innovation 2022 ceremony, highlighting its excellence in the field of communication. The creation of the new brand Le Moulin 1704 was distinguished by the prestigious “Prix de l’Artisanat” trophy during the same ceremony, highlighting the originality and artisanal work which contributed to its success.

In conclusion, Le Moulin 1704 embodies not only Luxembourg tradition and know-how, but also the commitment to sustainable and responsible agriculture. With its successful launch and its expansion into mass distribution, the brand is well on its way to becoming a must-have in Luxembourg kitchens, while continuing to promote the values it holds dear.