Your Brigde to Life


Your Brigde to Life

After a period of strategic reflection and in-depth consumer research, Spuerkeess, Luxembourg’s leading bank, embarked on an ambitious repositioning project.


The main objective was to highlight the Spuerkeess name in all its communications, while unveiling a new baseline “Your Bridge to Life” and an updated corporate identity.

This initiative was motivated by the desire to strengthen the bank’s presence and create a closer bond with its customers, notably by including an international dimension to attract non-Luxembourgers, expatriates and newcomers.


At the heart of this renaissance, the bridge metaphor, symbolized by the Adolphe Bridge featured on the Spuerkeess logo, has become the pillar of the new signature.

“Your Bridge to Life” embodies the bank’s role as a facilitator, connecting customers to their goals and aspirations, whether in their personal or professional lives.

Unlike previous campaigns focused primarily on products, this new approach places the emphasis on customers’ needs and projects, positioning Spuerkeess as a dedicated partner in the realization of their dreams.

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  • FR version - 02

  • LU version - 01

  • LU version - 01


The centerpiece of this transformation was a one-minute film, which captured the essence of the Spuerkeess brand. Featuring real bank employees in the role of advisors, the spot featured authentic scenarios illustrating how the bank and its customers work together to make their projects a reality.

James Brown’s iconic “I Feel Good” music added a touch of energy and positivity to the campaign, reinforcing the positive emotions conveyed by the actors.

The campaign benefited from an extensive national media plan, including cinema, TV, radio, online, billboard, daily press and magazines.

Reception of the campaign was exceptional, with positive resonance from both the public and the industry. As well as engaging customers, the campaign also raised brand awareness and positioned Spuerkeess as a trusted partner in realizing its customers’ aspirations.