L’Art de la Nature


L’Art de la Nature

Since 1927, Robin has been recognized as the largest Luxembourg paint producer, offering professional quality products for expert painters. However, wishing to expand its market to the general public, Robin undertook an ambitious rebranding to make its high-end paint accessible to everyone. Our team was tasked with rethinking the brand and repositioning it in the B2C sector, while preserving its historical heritage.


The main goal was to transform Robin from a traditionally B2B brand into a modern B2C brand, while preserving its heritage and reputation for quality.

The rebranding aimed to make Robin’s professional painting accessible to a wider audience, while highlighting its exceptional quality and connection with nature.


By retaining the fundamental elements of the brand, notably the image of the knight from Useldange castle, the new logo has been modernized to reflect the evolution of the brand. The new packaging has been designed with quality materials to protect the paintings, inspired by the idea of the knight protecting his precious treasure. A Luxembourg skyline is represented on this new packaging to mark its local roots.

A new color palette, comprising 150 shades inspired by nature, has been developed to offer consumers a wide choice of organic and timeless shades. This initiative reinforced the new brand promise: “L’Art de la Nature”, highlighting quality and harmony with the environment.

The Leudelange flagship store has been redesigned to offer an immersive experience to customers, perfectly embodying the new identity of the brand and its values. Covering 450m², the space was designed to welcome and inspire new B2C customers.

  • Bibiche Thuyns - Responsable marketing
  • Patrick Beckius - Directeur commercial
  • Gerard Zoller - Directeur général
  • Raphael Gilson - Resonsable production
  • French version - 01

  • French version - 02

  • French version - 03

  • French version - 04

  • Luxembourgish version - 01

  • Luxembourgish version - 02

  • Luxembourgish version - 03

  • Luxembourgish version - 04


Robin’s rebranding was a resounding success, transforming the traditional brand into one that is modern and accessible to all. The new branding has been well received by consumers, reinforcing Robin’s reputation for quality while expanding its customer base.

With its new positioning, elegant packaging and nature inspired color palette, Robin is poised to become the go-to choice for those seeking artistry and quality in their painting projects.