Why do we…

The Postman’s passion

When it comes to telling a story that started 175 years ago… It could be about all the endeavors you have lived over time… or it could be about the basic drive and passion that has never changed.
Well we opted to bring alive the latter and to do so we simply asked ourselves this very simple question – Why do we?

Discover all in the Postman’s movie below…

Bringing people closer everyday

From drawing to sending little messages, sharing our emotions starts with the question: Why do we communicate? For over more than 175 years POST Luxembourg is bringing people closer everyday in enabling generations to communicate.



It was a true honor to tell this story in the most human way …

Thank you Lou…


Papa Philippe…

‘Why do we?’ funny questions 😉

Working or enjoying nice weather?

"Ça va" or "ça va pas"?

Picture or selfie?

Mobile phone or camera?

Sleeping or filming?

Pregnant or not?

With love from us to our beloved Postman

Your BetoCee Family