From Rik to Pavarotti !

Sometimes life can bring people together and results into this ... ;-)

To build Albert Heijn’s 2018 World Cup Activation in Belgium, we first had to dive into the History of Belgium’s greatest. The most memorable moment the Red Devils squad of Belgium ever lived till now was way back in 1986 during the World Cup in Mexico. 

The Red Devils picking up the ball against the almighty nation of the USSR (Russia), like David playing against Goliath. A game won 4-3 and a moment of Belgian Soccer that got eternalised by Rik de Saedeleer – Sports Journalist – renown in Belgium and Netherlands for his epic quotes. 

It’s there where our new Albert Heijn World Cup 2018 concept found it’s birth - Daar is ‘m.

 Who better than Els to explain us... 

 From concept to platform… 

 From platform to activation box... 

From activation box to the most famous radio
speaker in Flanders... Sven Ornelis !

Daar is ‘m meaning “I cannot believe it, it’s there ... it’s there !”

From Rik to Pavarotti only needed 1 step more ...
A typical Russian melody & Yannick to bring it alive ;-).

From the Mexican Wave in 1986 to the Russian Daar is’ m Wave in 2018, we are ready to write another epic chapter together with the Red Devils of Belgian and Albert Heijn.

Many thanks to our star actors Liselotte, Els, Antwerp Eagles and many more ....

 Enjoy Daar is ‘m together with us and visit 😉 

BetoCee Family