From Brand to Experience


Moments of life

Is making consumers discover in an exceptional way all about the DNA of the Rosport brand. Sources Rosport named these travels “Moments of Life”, a concept that creates many memories for life for those who live these beautiful experiences.


Heartbeat of nature

Inviting your biggest fans in the middle of the beautiful country sides of Luxembourg and welcoming them at the heart of who you are. Moments of Life a Brand Experience that makes you feel the heartbeat of nature and enjoy a great table moment.


Magic moments

Traveling to nature’s highest point of Luxembourg, entering into a cave in the middle of nowhere or discovering the Home of the Horse in the middle of the fields. No matter where Moments of Life will make you travel, you will live a moment of magic.




The last fire of Fall

To end the year and follow the rythm of nature, we created a “Dîner Flamboyant” amidst the industrial wasteland of Esch-sur-Alzette, representing the last sparkles of Nature, before a long winter sleep.

Touching us

We would like to warmly thank Tasteful – Life Experience Creator – in making these magical moments come alive. Touching us, BetoCee.