Chop Chop

Welcome to Asia


Let’s cook!

Asian food is everywhere! But what is Asian food? Chinese food? Japanese? Korean? There are more than 54 countries in Asia and even more recipes than we can imagine! But even if we can find Asian food everywhere, what we really want to know is… How to cook it!


Let’s Chop Chop!

The question of how to cook Asian food is what made Albert Heijn and ourselves come to Chop Chop. Albert Heijn Chop Chop enables us to cook in the most simple way! With joy and efficiency ; )

Pop-up store

Thanks to Ann, our concept came alive in a wonderful pop-up store in the middle of Antwerp where people were able to discover ‘Asian food by Albert Heijn’ and how to use what product for what recipe?


Dominique Persoone

To make Chop Chop even more special, Master Cook, Dominique Persoone, came by and enlightened the full experience!

Thank you, Kevin and Liselotte for your trust!

The Belgium BetoCee family