Any Pack, Any Time

Once upon a time…

…and the story began with a beer at BetoCee Antwerp offices…


... and a music that made us dance!


Our goal

How to bring, with a sense of humor, a very innovative product?


Any Pack, Any Time!

Simplicity, freedom, autonomy in a funny way! That’s the concept of the spot where people can find the Postman, the BOXman, the Grandma and a lot of other characters to enlighten with humor, a new service of POST Luxembourg.


From the start, it was light and funny ; )

It started with an original song.


Our BOXman!



They gave the best of themselves ; )



People of all ages and any color, POST Luxembourg bring them all together!

Thank you Luc, Philippe, Anne-Sophie and Irène for your trust,

BetoCee Family