Always There

From being lost in the middle of nowhere, to sharing your cool moments or simply in need of a last-minute present … SCOUBIDO is always there when you need it most!

Our hero brings us to life situations we all recognise or have experienced before, but like in good movies … the hero is able to save the day !

His secret weapon: POST SCOUBIDO!

A man in the middle of nowhere..

A man being cool...

A man in the need for speed...

To tickle the interest of the big public in finding out more about the Campaign we introduced the Teaser …

‘This man was lucky …’


An adventure full of fun

Saturday Night Fever ; )

Who’s the man with the hat, by the way?

My head hurts…

Not too close…

Houston, we have a problem…

Seems that everything is under control satisfying ; )

Watch my movie!

Many thanks to Anne-Sophie Diard, Philippe Lambert and Luc Welter to make us uncover those typical moments in which we could not imagine anymore to not have our Mobile Phone along our side.

Looking forward to many heroic scenes to come!

Always there for you !
BetoCee Family