A human story

Back in 2012, when I was asked by Max Weber (CEO of Sources Rosport) to look into his brand universe, we uncovered a beautiful diamond that withheld itself in it’s own brand name : Rosport.

Rosport being a little town in Luxembourg revealed more than only it’s natural source of water, it revealed the bare essence of it’s own name – Ros : German dialect for Horse.  This is what inspired us to write the story of it’s own Legend, the water and the horse.  Source of Life.

Being one of Nature’s most precious resources, Sources Rosport has become more than only a source of water.

It has become the natural source of life and celebrations in Luxembourg’s community.  The Red Lion being the symbol of Luxembourg National Day finds it’s energy and strength through the Source of Life.  ‘D’Waasser vum Roude Léiw’ or the Red Lion’s water.

From "The Legend" to the Horseman’s story.

A horseman who discovered the tree of life. From the source of life to the tree of life!

The discovery of the Horseman wandering through the beautiful fields of nature, discovering the apple tree. The tree of life.
No, it’s not the story of Adam and Eve, it’s the story of Rosport Pom’s – Different by Nature.

Listen here to the beautiful Rosport Pom’s song "Summer Breeze".

From ‘Source of Life’ to ‘Moments of Life’, a true Brand Experience.

Making your consumer enter into the heart of your Brand is what made us create "Moments of Life".

Inviting your biggest fans in the middle of the beautiful country sides of Luxembourg and welcoming them at the heart of who you are ‘Home of the Horse’… A Brand Experience that makes you feel the heartbeat of nature and enjoy a great table moment.

Sources Rosport – ‘Moments of Life’ also invited it’s consumers to celebrate Rosport Blue’s 20th anniversary.  Happy Blues!