The Bridge side of Life

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Your Bridge
to Life

…25 months ago Spuerkeess launched their full new Brand Universe based upon their new baseline « Your Bridge to Life ». In all those great key moments where we as consumers need a trusted partner to enable them. “And lord knows this makes you feel good.” – James Brown

Open & Proud

Since its launch in 2020 there is no need to say we have all endured troublesome times. Of course there is no greater reassurance in having bridges that make us overcome these challenges. To do so we simply loved to stick to the three core elements called “POP – Pleasant, Open & Proud” that ensure each of us to never give up on the simple virtue of keeping hope in life.

Within this spirit we have created the second chapter of the Spuerkeess Brand Universe called “Always look on the Bridge Side of Life”.

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Spoiler Alert!

We will not make you discover the whole BetoCee Family Story in this first chapter yet 😉

Simply follow us on Spuerkeess.tv in the coming weeks and discover, bit by bit, a most energising new campaign.

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Love to make
You Shine

A special thank you for your trust as true partners Lisa Wells, Claude Faber, Raoul Loudvig, Luc Sinner, Doris Engel and of course Françoise Thoma and her Board of Directors.


BetoCee Family