“The River of Life”

Our Last Dance

What you will discover in the final Chapter we wrote for Rosport is a story about life, a story about believe, a story of proudness of who we are as beings… a story where new borns will wander further along the mystic branches of “The River of Life”.


The Legend


Source of Me


The River of Life

Writing this story doesn’t only withhold the completion of a Trilogy we (Max & Me) started together in 2012 and launched in 2014 with “The Legend”, followed up by the “Source of Me” in 2017, it also is the end of a great Lifecycle in collaborating with one of the most beautiful and respectful companies and brands I felt honoured to work for in last 10 years. 

“The River of Life”

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As in this movie itself, it is time for a new foal to take over and build further the great legacy of one of Luxembourg’s most profound and respectful Brands. 

Therefore we like to baptise this great new Rosport Brand Movie as – Our Last Dance.

Personal note
of honour
to Max Weber…

… many thanks for entrusting me and my teams throughout this last decade, in making your brand shine from the deepest beauty it withholds in itself.

Personally it has been a great honour to work with you as a man and as a professional, for myself I feel we completed the end of a great cycle and feel it is time for others to nourish the “Source of Life” legacy further with you.

Mary, Yannick & Eduardo… Tarantula

A Brand Universe made with so much love over the past 10 years, comes from people who deeply care. Many thanks to Mary Laschet, Yannick Selleslagh & Eduardo Fuente in making Sources Rosport become a Legend 😉

As to “The River of Life” movie, many thanks to Donato Rotunno and the entire Tarantula Team in making Sources Rosport shine as bright as ever before 😉

Cheers to all,

Sources Rosport

Source of Life

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we are
naturally yours

Because we are naturally yours

Starting the search for a Brand’s DNA like Sources Rosport felt like searching the Source of it’s own existence. Through our Brand Diamond Workshops we discovered the secret was within it’s own name : Rosport.

From Baseline to Mother Campaign, we felt a Legend would reveal itself in all simplicity.

What if water was like a Horse or a Horse like Water. Enjoy the grace of this great Mother Campaign that will have marked the Brands Image forever.

We preserve
our environment

When water is Naturally (Y)ours, the flow of the Horse and it’s rider shall flow in all harmony.

To understand the virtue of being naturally yours, we wandered of in trying to understand what this could mean as to the Brand Promise or Baseline.

Inspired by natural grace of it’s own icon, the horse… we discovered Rosport is our Source of Life.
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From Rosport Classic to Rosport Blue to Rosport Viva, it was key to have a strong family feel that reveals it’s iconic strength.
To do so all sub-brands were unified and a new iconic bottle got to see the daylight…

The Heartbeat
of Nature

Being the Source of Life, also means we would like our biggest fans to Experience this Source of Life. To do so we created the Brand Experience Platform “Moments of Life”. Combining the beauty of all seasons, living the Heartbeat of Nature in the middle of nowhere and enjoying a great table moment to create memories of life for life.

Movies and pictures say more than a 1’000 words.

From The Legend
to Source of Me

The Legend
to Source of Me

After “The Legend” was launched in 2014, the quest for another epic Brand Image Campaign was searched for to create an even stronger connection to it’s consumers.

To bring
you the purest
source of life

The quest in being Naturally Yours whilst being more than only water, made us uncover great new virtues that resulted into the launch of several new Product launches that found it’s natural way to the consumers delight.

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Rosport Pom’s is where Water met Fruit. It is where the Horseman discovered the tree of Life. Wandering through the beautiful fields of nature, discovering the apple tree and creating a great new story to it’s own Brand

a moment of true delight

a moment of true

Rosport Sunny Launched in 2020 amidst times where human kind has been overwhelmed by the biggest epidemic frenzy ever, it felt no more than very normal to bring a moment of true delight to all… enjoy Rosport Sunny

A very big thanks …

To Max Weber & Sophie Kirsch to entrust us with their beautiful brand since 2012.

Naturally yours