L'Art de la Nature

This is 
the story of 
a real knight…

What’s in a name? And even more what’s in its story. As one of the last knights of Useldange, Robin overlooked his land from within his castle, which for us was the beginning of a colourful Luxembourgish story: Robin – Créateur de Couleurs depuis 1927.

To be
proud and
to protect

The natural proudness of a Knight inspired us to a tailor-made packaging.
Strong and robust, yet elegant and noble it offers the protection our paint deserves.

Master of Senses

Wandering through nature and mastering his senses is what makes an honorable knight special and admired by many. 

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the richness
of nature…

… is what Raymond Clement and Tom Fielitz know best. Many thanks to these two renowned Luxembourgish photographers to provide us with what is the esssence of this beautiful new story… L’Art de la Nature.

Inspired by nature

All this richness led us to create a colour card that makes you travel in the most natural way through the heritage of Luxembourg. From landscapes, over architecture, to wildlife… it’s all about our local proudness.

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A shopping experience that will inspire you all 😉

… created by Luc Spits Architectes. You will travel far beyond the world of paint in choosing and combining colours, materials and home interior. Be welcomed to visit the Robin “Boutique” in Leudelange and may the personal advisors proudly guide you.

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The Inspiration Platform

Finally this whole new Brand Universe came together into a rich and interactive website. May the platform naturally inspire you.

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A common
effort of
many knights

Thank you Bibiche, Catherine, Patrick, Steve, Raphaël, Gérard and many others for putting all your efforts into this new chapter of Robin and for taking us, together with you, on this inspiring journey.

Many thanks to the BetoCee Alien team


for creating the beautiful “L’Art de la Nature” inspiration.


for creating the vast and rich inspiration platform.


for creating a Brand Universe that will inspire many!

Proudly yours, Philip.