Le Moulin 1704

Le Moulin 1704

Traditioun vun Hei

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we are inspired
by nature

What to do, when the Brand Diamond you shall uncover is one of Luxembourg’s most inspiring family stories. A story of 11 generations that have one great tradition in common: Millers since 1704

We work
hand in hand with
local farmers

Like any strong Brand Universe, it even travels better when it has a strong Baseline that reflect it’s core emotion. What better than having this generation after generation heritage travel over time through the wisdom it withholds…

Welcome to:

To bring
you the richness
of flavour...

To bring you the richness of flavour...

…that nature gives to our flours and pasta.

This great new Luxembourgish Miller was not only about creating a New Brand for Consumers, it as well was to go further in the great virtues of what wheat enables to extract.

From a full Product Range of flours to a fully new Product Range of pastas 100% Made in Luxembourg.

It required us to create a strong visual identity that could travel from Flour to Pastas. And Lord, our Brand Creatives were greatly inspired !

Photo le moulin

And thank you…

…to all the people that have been driven together with us in making “Le Moulin” become a great new Brand Story, Luxembourg can really be very proud of… Hopefully I do not overlook anyone.

Julie, Jean, Frédéric simply for trusting the BetoCee family in making you shine 😉