Lalux Assurances

Lalux Assurances

Don't Worry Be Happy

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Because we
are safely yours

In a special year which all of us will remember still for generations to come, it was also a year in which we travelled into one of Luxembourg’s most respectful brands…
a brand that celebrated in all it’s discretion it’s 100 years existence.

LALUX – Safely Yours since 1920.

A great form
of respect

Our journey started back in 2018 in which we took a deeper look into LALUX (his)story together with Maud, Marc, Ralph, Noémie, Sandra and many more…

Our discovery very soon lead us to understanding a great form of respect and care is what has made LALUX special since it’s very beginning.

The joy or simple “peace of mind” of knowing you are in good hands when needed for, made us uncover the human virtue LALUX offers to any of us in troublesome times … the feeling of not needing to worry, simply be happy 😉

From it’s refreshing and positive orange colour to the creation of an iconic strong symbol that you feel when there are no worries to have … smile 😉

Being in
good hands

Don't worry
be happy

From it’s strong heritage Luxembourgish baseline… “Zu gudder Lescht, dach dei bescht!”  to a new baseline that translates to any culture the feeling of being in good hands with LALUX…

Being in good hands

Don't worry
be happy

Naturally saw the daylight and made each of us have a positive energising feeling. Thank you Mr Bobby McFerrin for inspiring us in all simplicity 😉

A Brand
Universe that
makes you smile

From dedicated Product Icons to a good feel Radio Campaigns with everyday situations we can all recognise … to a full new Mother Campaign that will embrace you with the feeling, that no matter what … LALUX is there for you 😉

May the entire LALUX universe in all symbolic discretion honour the 100 Years of late Mr Robert Hentgen.

And many thanks

And many thanks

To the entire LALUX team to trust us as a privileged partner in making you shine 😉
Delightfully Yours,
Yannick, Mary, Ben & Philip