Home Sweet Home

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we love to make
you feel home

This adventure has not been an everyday encounter… It has touched us all from the very first moment we met the entire family.

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kichechef-old-logo-mob kichechef-logo-mob

New look and feel and curiosity “keyhole” print campaign

It was a true pleasure for us to discover and uncover Kichechef’s paradise into all new “Home sweet Home” Brand Universe.

To inspire
your house in becoming even more your home

We have built photo studios in the Kichechef building, to create our own season to season tailor made pictures.

We inspire
you all year long

By creating Top Topicals that invite you to create your very own Home Sweet Home.

Facilitating the customer experience also goes through digitalization…

We have therefore created a website (e-commerce) to further inspire your choices, thanks to our tailor made pictures.

A special thanks to...

Mireille, Marc, Henri, Josée, Ferni, Evelyne, Semir…

And so many more of the Kichechef Family !

Happy to make you shine…