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Source of Me

After the resounding success of their first campaign entitled “The Legend”, which won all the awards at the prestigious Luxembourg Media Awards 2016, Sources Rosport had to rise to the challenge of advertising excellence once again. With the bar set very high, three years later we unveiled “Source of Me”, a new advertising film that generated similar excitement right from its initial teasing.


The main objective of “Source of Me” was to once again captivate the audience and reinforce the image of Sources Rosport as an iconic brand in the Luxembourg advertising landscape.

Starring young Luxembourg free-runner Lynn Jung, the film aimed to convey a powerful message about finding balance and discovering inner strength.


To achieve this objective, we chose a visual and emotional approach, featuring breathtaking landscapes of the Grand Duchy and a captivating story embodied by Lynn Jung. The choice of the renowned free-runner added an authentic dimension to the campaign, reinforcing its appeal to the target audience.

The shoot, which took place entirely in Luxembourg, highlighted the country’s natural beauty and strengthened the links between the brand and its local environment.

The presence of a majestic horse symbolizing the source of inner strength added a touch of poetry and wonder to the whole film.


The first broadcast of “Source of Me” took place with great fanfare for the national holiday on RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg, immediately capturing the public’s attention. The campaign then rolled out across various channels, including further broadcasts on RTL and in cinemas throughout summer 2017. Billboard advertising and a presence in the magazine press also helped amplify the campaign’s reach.

The response from the public and the industry was instantaneous and glowing. “Source of Me” quickly won over the public and was immediately awarded Gold and the People’s Choice Award at the 2018 Media Awards. This double recognition testifies to the emotional power and lasting impact of the campaign.

In conclusion, “Source of Me” not only succeeded in surpassing high expectations, but also reinforced Sources Rosport’s position as an innovative leader in water drinks.