E neit Kapitel

This is the beautiful story of over 200 Luxembourgish families …

Families that are known today as “Cooperative Domaines Vinsmoselle” and have a generation after generation tradition of cultivating with the highest care the Mosellan soil and vineyards. The quest of this project that started in May 2018, has been to reveal the true and simple human character of one of Luxembourgs greatest traditions : "La viticulture”.

To do so, Domaines Vinsmoselle decided to honour those who are cultivating this great tradition since 1921 … "Les Vignerons de la Moselle”. And created a full new Brand Universe from Bottle, to Label, to Campaign, to Website to … putting in the centre their own farmers as the proud ambassadors of this great tradition.

All of this to make all of us discover the refreshing and human story behind 200 Luxembourgish families and “The(ir) Valley of Happiness”.

Special thanks to the main actors

Les Vignerons de la Moselle – being Laura, Claude and Aly. You have allowed us all to travel and live with you your great stories …


Thanks to all

Les Vignerons de la Moselle – families in creating a memorable kick-off in the midst of your Valley with the longest Family table ever to celebrate the birth of your new brand, your new story.


And a special thanks…

…to the people that entrusted us to take care of this great new Chapter
…Dina, Patrick, Marc, Karl, Yves & Josy.


And from myself to the entire BetoCee Family & more

Thank you Mike Zenari aka poncho man for your great pictures ;-).

Thank you Mary, Béa & Florence for creating an unforgettable table moment to start this New Chapter.


Thank you Yannick and Claude together with the entire Samsa Film production (Paul, Max, Bernard) to make the stories come alive.


Thank you to Weronika for all new personalised Bottle Designs.




And last, but not least, thank you Cliff for the beautiful Website and writing this great new story of ours.


Prost to all!

BetoCee Family


Photo: Mike Zenari
Photo Studio: Vyou – Virginie Willemet